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Nutricia Research is the global R&D organisation behind the Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition divisions of Danone, sharing its global mission to deliver health through food to as many people as possible. Our research and innovation areas have evolved, but we still begin with insights into nutrients and their role in optimal health, and build on that knowledge to tailor solutions for nutritional needs.

The consumer is at the heart of our innovation efforts

Our research & development (R&D) process is science driven and consumer centric. We put in much effort to understand consumers needs and work closely with our stakeholders to identify and fulfil them.

Today, we continue to offer high quality and nutritious products which are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements at different stages for children in their growing up years.


Our Research & Innovation centres form a global team of over 400 scientists, nutritionists and product development specialists, passionate about developing the next generation of nutritional products. Our main research centre is based in Utrecht Science Park, The Netherlands, with a satellite research centre in Singapore, focused on using advanced digital technology to provide tailored nutritional care to our consumers.

Our various Research & Innovation facilities across the globe help bring the international science and technology at a local level.

Our commitment to research includes close collaborations, partnerships and open dialogue with research institutes, universities, hospitals and industry suppliers around the world.

Our product development specialists and process technology experts translate scientific concepts into actual products to be manufactured at an industrial scale. During the process, our sensory scientists and packaging experts ensure the products we deliver provide a high-quality consumer experience.

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